Hard times continue for Pd as chaos reigns over Naples vote

By Florence Brock


NAPLES – With the official Democratic Party provincial ballot count scheduled today at 18:00, representative Alberto Losacco has just returned from Naples where he had been sent to oversee party primaries held over the weekend.


As people await the election results, bystanders cannot help but give space to the chaos caused by party leaders who changed their minds three times concerning election sustainment.


Among the squabbles surrounding the weekend vote, commission members plan on addressing the Naples case that caused a real internal party split at a national level, involving two contrary decisions concerning the election. While undersecretary Maurizio Martina asked for the vote to be postponed, Pd organisation director Andrea Rossi gave orders to proceed with the provincial secretary election.

new Fotosud - PD via Santa Brigida nella foto Nicola Oddati (newfotosud Alessandro Garofalo)

It all started when one of the three candidates, Nicola Oddati, former Iervolino cabinet member from Salerno, now closely tied to governor Vincenzo De Luca, asked for the annulment of the election in order to check registered voter lists. The party thereafter proceeded with multiple changes of mind all in the same day.


With regional leaders such as Secretary Assunta Tartaglione standing by the democratic election, undersecretary Maurizio Martina claimed: ”after considering political evaluations immersed nationally, it would be a good idea to postpone the elections”.


Such communication, however, did not make its way to poll booths such as Bagnoli, Herculaneum and Pomigliano d’Arco where voting commenced on schedule.


Candidate Oddati now states he will not recognise the election. “I abide by the statements undersecretary Maurizio Martina made before the vote as he is an elected party member and not merely in office by appointment.”


The candidate equally goes on to emphasize he cannot recognise the outcome of a vote that was cancelled and then re-instated.


Following a hard loss to a united right-wing front and the Five-star Movement in the Sicilian Regional elections just one week ago, putting off Sunday primaries might have given voters time to fall back and regroup.


As the party nonetheless seems determined to uphold Rossi’s words and proceed with the ballot count in via Nazareno, the discussion over the weekend primaries appears far from over.



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